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If you are a potential model or slave, you MUST attach images of yourself. This is important so that we can keep relevant details together and will speed up my responses :)
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Would YOU like to work with me?

I am looking for models who are interested to try our world, whether you are experienced or not.

I am also looking for slaves who would like to appear in shoots.

And any other useful contributors, whether you are keen to write scenes, be involved in shoots ... I am open to all-sorts of ideas and collaborations!

Models and Slaves can send in their photos using the form, "Ask A Question" (Click Blue Bar Above)

One of my recent discoveries is Victoria who you can see in this video clip below. I discovered her on a popular model site and booked a few trial shoots. Even though she has massive potential to be a class domina, she would prefer to remain as a part time model. Of course this is her preference and I respect that. But never mind ... the search continues!